Glendale Shoals Preserve

The Glendale Shoals Preserve was donated to SPACE in 1993 by Billy Tobias. The land consists of thirteen acres and is located at the old Glendale Mill on Lawson’s Fork Creek. The property is scenic, with a waterfall that cascades over a dam, and has significant plant, animal, and bird life. When the water is low, walk across the shoals, skip some rocks, and enjoy the view.

In addition to the scenic value of the property the history of this area is significant. In the 1800’s the area was known as Bivingsville. According to Phillip Racine in his history book of Spartanburg County, Dr. James Bivings built a large cotton factory (the Glendale Mill) and pioneered the concept of the mill village in the up-country. He set “high moral standards for his workers and provided a village for them in order to keep them away from bad influences and under his protection. The Spartanburg Railway, Gas and Electric Company replaced the Pioneer Traction Company in the early nineties and eventually constructed a city system running from Union Station on Magnolia to Main Street. From there the tracks went up Main to Pine Street, where they connected with a suburban line which ran along Pine to Country Club Road and on to Glendale, Clifton, and Converse… By 1906 this company had some fifteen miles of track; popular routes on weekends were those to Rock Cliff Park and to Glendale Park, which bordered the Glendale Mill…Glendale Park was often a part of a city school teacher’s reward to her students for a job well done. A family outing to Glendale Park was an inexpensive and pleasant activity for mill workers and executive alike. ” (by Phillip Racine)

The Kudzu Coalition has been working hard at the Glendale Shoals Preserve. Take a look at what they have accomplished.

Preserve Rules:

  • Preserve is open from dawn to dusk.
  • Place litter in trashcans or pack it out.
  • No motorized vehicles.
  • No hunting.
  • No camping.
  • No campfires.
  • No firearms.
  • No paintball.
  • No climbing on bridges.
  • No cutting of flowers, trees, plants.
  • Pets must remain on a leash under owner’s control.
  • Swim at your own risk- shoes required.

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