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Other Properties

Conservation Easements:

Broad River Plantation - 344 acres in Union County on the Broad River

Craig/Murphy Property - 10.44 acres located on Tim’s Creek near Dorman High School, just off Hwy. 221, protecting land that has been in the same family since 1763, when the King of England granted the land. Owned by siblings, Tom Moore Craig and Susan Craig Murphy.

Foster Property - 10 acres in the Duncan Park neighborhood in the city limits of Spartanburg, owned by Mr. Alton Foster.

Fuller Property - 451 acres on the Enoree River in the southern part of Spartanburg County, owned by Dr. Everett P. Fuller

Harris Property - 39 acres above the North Pacolet River, owned by Dwight Harris

Hospice Home Property - 20 acres around the Hospice Home

Kolb Property - 30 acres along the N. Tyger River in the Walnut Grove area of Spartanburg County, owned by Mr. Klaus Kolb.

Ludwick Property - 13 acres on the North Pacolet River, owned by Bob and Janet Ludwick.

Newberry Property - 2.5 acres located next to Saranac Lake along Mineral Springs Creek just east of the city of Spartanburg, protecting a large population of the endangered dwarf heart leaf.

Patterson Property - 58 acres on the South Pacolet River, owned by Liz Patterson.

Poliakoff Property - 4 acres located on the North Pacolet River near Riverbend Sportsman Resort, owned by Gary and Andrew Poliakoff.

Pratt Property - 24 acres in Inman, above the reservoirs, owned by Sam and Eva Pratt.

Price House Property - 94 acres owned by the Spartanburg County Foundation and the Spartanburg Historical Association

Raggedy Ann Ranch -13 acre horse farm north of Lyman in Holly Springs, owned by Nicholas Zatorsky

Raintree Creek Property - 4 acres in the Raintree Creek subdivision

Sanders Property - 91 acres located in Union county on Jonesville Highway and Plant Road, owned by Henry Sanders.

Sandifer Place - 6.7 acres across from the Cottonwood Trail on the Lawson’s Fork owned by Prudence Scott

Scotsgrove - 392 acres in Lyman on the Middle Tyger River, owned by Bob and Leslie Scott

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