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Save-the-date: A Weekend with Teddy Roosevelt, The Conservationist President!

Save-the-date: A Weekend with Teddy Roosevelt, The Conservationist President!

November 11th 2021 - November 13th 2021 | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Join us for three chances to see Theodore Roosevelt the “Conservationist President” in Spartanburg.

November 11th, An Evening with Teddy at SCC Downtown Campus Evan’s Theatre 

November 12th, A Shucking Good Time with Teddy at Glendale Shoals 

November 13th, Family Day with Teddy at Glendale Shoals 

Theodore Roosevelt is often considered the “Conservationist President.”  He helped establish 230 million acres of public land, 150 of which were set aside as National Forests. Joe Wiegand is considered the world’s premiere Theodore Roosevelt reprisor. As an actor and historian, Joe’s portrayals of Theodore Roosevelt in live performances and on television have people wondering if TR has come back to life! In November, Joe will be in Spartanburg for three days to connect, through SPACE, with the Spartanburg Community. Performing at various venues and to a broad audience, he will talk about history and conservation. See below for an outline of events. 


Join our Weekend with Teddy as a Sponsor! 

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Sustainable Events Initiative

Sustainable Events Initiative

SPACE hosts a multitude of events throughout the year. As an organization focused on land conservation and environmental protection, we’ve launched an initiative to focus on sustainability efforts during our fundraisers and small events. With help from local composting company, Atlas Organics, we’re making composting a priority at our two big fundraisers (Bonnamoo and A Shucking Good Time). Thanks to local artists Frankie Zombie and Maggie MacDonald, you won’t miss the compost cans at these events! Want to help make our events more sustainable? Share a ride and bring your own non-glass tumblers with you. Working together we can make an impact!

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