Cleveland Preserve Farm

Generously donated to SPACE in 2009 by sisters Prudence Scott and Jennifer Haas, the 300-acre Cleveland Preserve is a working farm located off of Bryant Road, ten minutes from downtown Spartanburg. The land was given by the sisters to honor their grandfather, Henry Cleveland, from whom they inherited the land. In 2015, SPACE conducted a search for sustainable farming proposals for the farm. Our winners were Sallie and Brent Belue of Thicketty Mountain Farms. Today the property is home to a herd of grass-fed cows raised without pesticides or herbicides by Thicketty Mountain Farms. The cows are moved frequently to small, enclosed grazing areas on the property, which allows the ungrazed portions of the property more time to rest and regenerate, enhancing forage quality, soil quality, and wildlife habitat.

Cleveland Preserve Farm is not open to the public on a regular basis but stay tuned to our social media and newsletter for updates on special events and programs at the farm.

Take a hike, Spartanburg!

Take a hike, Spartanburg!

Cottonwood Trail

The Edwin M. Griffin Preserve (home of the beloved Cottonwood Trail) covers 110-acres around a 1.5 mile stretch of Lawson’s Fork Creek and several feeder streams. With over 5 miles of natural surface nature trails and Wildflower Way (1 mile of newly constructed ADA-accessible paved trail).

Glendale Shoals Preserve

Located at the old Glendale Mill on Lawson’s Fork Creek.

Upper Chinquapin Greenway

Located on the headwaters of the Chinquapin Creek across from the Milliken Research Center.

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